We founded our company on the ethos that XR technology can be an agent for stress reduction and wellbeing. Over the last five years of conducting R&D and servicing the healthcare industry with XR business solutions, we’ve come to realize that the suite of spatial computing offers immense opportunity for the industry as a whole. 

The Endless Co has worked as technical advisors to clinical trials and developed XR solutions for some of the leaders in healthcare innovation. We believe the application of XR has the potential to transform the  industry in three key ways:


  1. XR has tremendous potential to close gaps between employees, patients, and providers. It enables training scenarios to be set up anywhere, updated frequently and replicated endlessly.
  2. XR is helping to eliminate the distance between consumers and clinicians— and also the information providers need to get work done. It places a rich level of detail at a clinician’s fingertips and allows patients greater insight into their personal health.
  3. XR has the ability to deliver shared and collaborative healthcare experiences. Clinicians cannot live the experiences of their patients, but they can try to better understand conditions through virtual experiences. 

White Label XR Solutions Developed for Healthcare To Date:

VR Ecosystem for Novo Nordisk – 1,500 Oculus Go Headsets with Content Management System & Analytics Capture

Augmented Reality Heart Visualization for Digital Health Media

360 Scanning Booth for the 2019 American Diabetes Association Conference 

Augmented Reality Glucose Monitoring Data Visualization 

Virtual Reality Stress Reduction Experiment with Harvard Medical School