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Dame Time: Interactive Projection Experience


Dame Time: Interactive Projection Experience

Our partners at Creative Artists Agency and Tissot commissioned The Endless Co. to develop an immersive and interactive experience for NBA All-Star Weekend 2022.

Tissot is the official timekeeper of the NBA, and a lead sponsor of All-Star Weekend. We collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker and CAA on a pop-up activation that combines cinematic visual effects, live performance, interactivity, 180° projection, and custom fabrication.

The project unified central elements of the Tissot brand identity: four of their watches, and one of their brand ambassadors. Damian Lillard, who is the point guard for the Portland Trailblazers, was the focal point of the creative and experience design.

We matched four elements of Damian’s life with the four Tissot watches, showcasing how the NBA star wears each timepiece.

Tissot hoped to grant users agency to choose their favorite and learn more about the product. Depending on the fan’s choice on the touch screen display, they were transported to one of four bespoke Tissot spaces:

For the PRX, our art team created a custom recording studio environment, referencing the watch’s old-school ‘70s design and Damian’s second-career as the rapper Dame D.O.L.L.A.

The T-Touch Connect Solar is a solar-powered watch with digital interactive features. In the scene that highlights this watch, Damian lifts weights on a sun-soaked rooftop overlooking his home in Portland.

The Supersport Chrono series is notable for its versatile style; our futuristic closet environment design combined that product description with Damian’s status as a style icon in the NBA and beyond.

The Seastar is a waterproof watch, detailed with beautiful waves on the face — the correlated computer-generated scene transports users to a beach resort, where Damian meditates and vacations in his off-season

The 8K content pipeline required the creation of six 3D panoramic environments, in addition to a green-screen shoot in Portland. Director Andrés Otero worked with Damian on performances for each watch environment, plus two additional introductory spaces: a basketball court and a Tissot watch vault.

The footage was composited into each computer-generated environment, to create a photorealistic impression that Damian is standing in those spaces.

Fans walked between the curtains of a 20’ projection booth, and encountered a 32” touch screen in the foreground of a 180° projection surface.

Damian welcomed them from the basketball court, before moving into an ethereal Tissot Watch Vault. He urged the fan to make a choice on the touch-screen. Powered by Touch Designer, fans could select one of the four watches and be transported to the related environment.

Finally, the custom-fabricated booth consisted of four 4K projectors, mapped together to create an 8K cylindrical, 180° image. When they walked into the curtain-closed booth, fans were completely immersed in the visuals, standing eye-to-eye with Damian.

The “Dame Time” activation drew hundreds of fans at the NBA Crossover event in Cleveland, and now begins a tour to Tissot pop-ups around the United States.